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J mah name is JILL

full name: Jillian Drew Harris
location: Oceanside NY
ambition: at the moment, no clue.

movie: Singin' in the Rain
bands(up to 10): The pixies, the unicorns, xiu xiu, modest mouse, the toasters, asob, bright eyes, Patent Pending, cursive, the killers, the album leaf
place to be alone: my room
quote: "sex is the most fun you can have without smiling"-Modonna

random stuff
do you like conan o'brien? Worship the ground that Irish man walks on.
how do you feel about old people? They are cute. = D
pro abortion? yep.
introvert or extrovert? introvert
if you could be anyone in the world who? and why? this guy I met at camp, who was really great. He was smart, nice, and had alot of interesting things to say. I wish i got to know him better..he is not going back to camp.
best day of your life? The day i found my love for theatre.. so third grade I assume.
ever been in love? i wish
want kids(do you have any?) yeah
you have the power to destroy 5 people. who are they and whyyyy? idk

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