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Another "Jill" thrown in the pile.

full name: Oh gawd, this question always scares me. Well, the thing asks, so here's my FULL family given name: Julia-Marie Albarca Perez Navarro De Vega Orbeta Dele Merced Esgurrra A******. Since the people at the hospital couldn't fit that into a line on my certificate, it was shorted to Jyl Navarro A******.
location: Vegas, NV
ambition: Writer/Film Director

bands(up to 10): Hmmmmm. The Pixies, Incubus, Smashing Pumpkins, Kittie (their older stuff), Deftones, Franz Ferdinad, Modest Mouse, Placebo, and I have a little bit of a soft spot for Third Eye Blind, and Matchbox 20.
place to be alone: My room of course.
quote: "He who cannot dance puts his blame on the floor." --Hindi Proverb

random stuff
do you like conan o'brien?
how do you feel about old people? Depends, if they're the one who drive at 25mph in the 45, they annoy me a little. However, if there isn't a car, I love them.
pro abortion? What's pro-abortion? Are these people who go around places holding up signs that say, "KILL THE FETUSES!!" Ummm... no. If you meant to ask if I'm pro-choice, then yes. I am pro-choice.
introvert or extrovert? Some happy middle of the two. Sure, If I'm around people I'll be a social butterfly, but I prefer to be around a limited number of people or even alone.
if you could be anyone in the world who? and why? Oooh, hard question. Angelia Jolie.
best day of your life? I can't answer that beause I haven't lived my entire life yet. When I'm close to the end, I'll answer this.
ever been in love? I like to think I have, but it was probably just adolescent hormones
want kids(do you have any?) No I don't have a fetuses. I might adopt one when I'm financially stable, cause those things are EXPENSIVE.
you have the power to destroy 5 people. who are they and whyyyy? Hmmm. good thing I don't have that power. Well first I'll destroy the bastard who murdered my uncle, then the men who raped my mom and my 2 older sisters (they're 3 different guys at 3 different times), and... shit, I have no idea. I guess I don't hate a person that much unless they've done something so terrible to my family/friends.

and now pics.... SHEILD YOUR EYES!!

rwwwar biotch.

ignore the boy.. he's a jackass.

Well um, thanks for reading.
Have a nice day,
-- Jyl aka Starlya
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