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the get-to-know-you-thingy
full name: Jillian Rose Paul
location: Michigan
ambition:To be a music teacher. and being rich would be nice...

movie: Hackers.
bands(up to 10):Taking Back Sunday, The Audition, Dashboard Conf., AFI, All-American Rejects, HelloGoodbye, Coheed and Cambria, My Chemical Romance
place to be alone: park
quote: Wisdom is knowing that you know nothing

random stuff
do you like conan o'brien? yeah
how do you feel about old people? most are okay
pro abortion? pro-choice
introvert or extrovert? huh?
if you could be anyone in the world who? and why? my sister because it seems like she has everything
best day of your life? day I was born
ever been in love? not yet
want kids(do you have any?) someday perhaps
you have the power to destroy 5 people. who are they and whyyyy? I dont really know. some people I'd like to never see but not destroy
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